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5 February | Sydney
Bat and Ball Hotel
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  • Capacity Just 25 People
  • Each Attendee will also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book "Ultimate 48 Hour Author" as well as a surprise bonus that will be announced on the day.
27 January | MELB
48 Hours Author Headquarters
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  • Address Diamond Creek
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  • Capacity Just 10 People
  • Each Attendee will also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book "Ultimate 48 Hour Author" as well as a surprise bonus that will be announced on the day.
Fri 8th Sept
The Deck
212 Bay St.
Brighton 3186 VIC
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The Vic Hotel
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Busybird Publishing Studio
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2 October
Regal Park Motor Inn
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  • Capacity Just 25 People
Our Ultimate Authors
Fix My Sleep - In 10 Minutes or Less per Night 
Sveti Williams

Today we are overworked and underslept. The epidemic of sleep deprivation is on the verge of rapid growth, yet we are expected to perform at top level to meet expectations of the modern world demands. Why is it that we can't sleep ? 

It's actually not the sleep that is broken, it's everything else that disrupts our sleep. In this book Sveti williams will assist you to identify your sleep challenges and will introduce you to the sleep enhancers sources from traditional methods, complimentary and alternative medicine, based back to ancient times. 

She introduces you to the traditional rituals that will assist you in relaxing your mind, body, heart and soul. With her easy to follow techniques your sleep will be balanced and you will sleep soundly every night.
Key To Freedom - The 7-Step Model to Triumph Over Trauma
Dr Natalie Green

No-one is immune to trauma and the impact it can have. Past hurts and old injustices have a way of keeping you stuck, holding you back, and ensuring you struggle to move forward or experience positive emotions again. Your pain may stem from people who have let you down, caregivers who weren't there, people who have betrayed you, humiliated, insulted or bullied you or perhaps from the residue of your own choices, the secrets you keep about past experiences, the betrayals, or the poor health choices you've made. 

Carrying a hurt and pain so deeply results in it becoming ingrained and integrated within you, and likely part of your identity and story, impacting your physical health, immune and central nervous systems.

In this ground-breaking book, based on twenty-seven years of experience in the field of trauma, Dr Natalie Green unveils her successful 7-step system that will ensure you can free yourself of those old hurts and Natalie will assist you to embrace your vulnerability, process your negative emotions, and reconnect and reintegrate your head, heart and gut, so you actively move forward, experience a true transformation and create the life you desire so you can Thrive.
Beat it – Fifty-Plus Shades of Hope
Wael Ibrahim

The book has been written specifically for those who have been trapped in the endless cycle of pornography, masturbation and undesirable sexual behaviours – It was also meant for mentors who wanted to know how to help those who may confess their hidden secrets and seek their help.

Most of the tips provided in the book are based on real life experiences with addicts who have approached me personally seeking my help. Other points are borrowed from experts in the field who have been working hard to save millions of lives from the destruction of pornography addiction.

The book consists of 12 chapters that are titled using some common words that we normally read on signage while travelling. i.e. Merging, slow points etc to indicate a journey towards recovery. All of which are referring to certain concepts and strategies that may help addicts to break free from the shackles of porn.
Juggling Health & Wealth - How to Keep All Your Balls in the Air Successfully
Kitty Cheng

Have you always wanted to be healthy and wealthy but didn’t know how to start or have both? Are you successful but too busy to enjoy life? Or perhaps you feel an imbalance in your life, or tired, isolated, and even burned out?

Life coach, entrepreneur and team leader Kitty Cheng believes these can all change – if you’re ready and willing to find out how to juggle health and wealth.

In Juggling Health and Wealth, Kitty explores the five dimensions of health and the five pillars of wealth, which all will help you keep all the balls in the air successfully, whether you are a busy entrepreneur, stay-at-home husband or wife, or a professional working in the corporate world.

Read the solutions, strategies and secrets you need to follow, and apply them to your life priorities. You will find the tools, techniques and resources to live an abundant, active, fulfilled, happy and connected life in the pages of Juggling Health and Wealth.
Foodie Dream - Launching Your Passion into a Thriving Business
Jodie Terzis

Imagine taking your passion for food and turning it into a thriving business.

Do you spend your days off baking, hitting the BBQ creating gastronomic delights, making pies or perfecting your favourite risotto?

If you want to monetise your passion, but you are unsure of where to start or what it takes to open your foodie business, this book will help turn your dream into a reality.

From the first idea to the strategies and steps to take before you launch, to what happens after the launch, this book is the key to making the decision to live a life filled with your passion for food.
Guilt Free Parents (Selfishness Recommended) - Love Your Children, Build Your Empire, Fulfil Your Desires
Natasa & Stuart Denman

What the hell did you do before you had children?  What did you spend all your time on?  Do you remember time when you only had to worry about yourself?  Don't worry, neither can we.

Life changes dramatically when you become a parent and with all that comes Parental Guilt and the need to bring in more money into the family in a small fraction of the time that used to have.

Natasa & Stuart Denman share a tell all account of the last 7 years since starting their now 7-Figure home-based business Ultimate 48 Hour Author while juggling building it up from nothing with their young family raising their 3 kids Judd, Mika and Xara.

If you are a Solopreneur parent of children not yet of school age, this book will give you strategy, tips and piece of mind to succeed on your journey to building your business while still fulfiling your parental duties and having quality time with your children.

Culture 101 - Creating Places Where People Thrive and Profits Grow
Penny Nesbitt

So, you’ve strategized, downsized, agonised, rightsized, analysed, surveyed and more. And yet, things are still not exactly what you’d call ‘humming around here’.

In Culture 101: creating places where people thrive and profits grow, Penny Nesbitt draws on over 20 years of experience, delivering leadership and people development programs throughout Asia Pacific.

Penny also draws on her own, at times bewildering experiences working in roles in businesses that were more about getting the most out of people rather than getting the best – which didn’t (and still doesn’t!) seem to make a whole lot of sense!

Penny noticed what numerous research studies tell us – disengagement, unhappiness, pressure to conform, inability to innovate, damaging negativity and a lack of fulfilment at work, were then, and sadly still are, at an all-time high.

Culture 101 is a practical guide for current and future leaders, human resource and learning and development professionals, career and executive coaches. Essentially, Culture 101 is for anyone who wants to know how people can be happier and more fulfilled at work.

Culture 101 features stories from small to large, private and public-sector organisations. It also provides practical evidence based tools that anyone can use, such as:
• Connecting people to the core purpose of your company 
• Giving people feedback and recognition
• Tuning in to People – possibly the most powerful tool you’ll need
• Building your culture through the power of storytelling
• Helping people to shift mindsets
Walking Back Home - Finding Clarity on the Camino
Margaret Caffyn

Thinking she was totally prepared for the challenge ahead, Maggie set off in search of adventure and the meaning of life at the age of 60. It seemed she had the ideal life but in her heart and soul, she felt something was missing, so with the uniform, the backpack and a healthy attitude, she headed to Spain.

This is an honest, raw and inspiring account of a woman’s wanderings along an ancient path across the north of Spain known as the Camino de Santiago. It is certainly not a walk in the park and you will be captivated by Maggie’s stories as she tells of her misgivings, pain, elation and the unexpected transformation that evolved and changed her life. Her practical information, lists, and hints also provide some great insight for those who don’t know where to start. 

This is a very inspirational read.

Trapped in Your Body - Waking up Our World to Wellness
Kimberley Maxey

Are you tired of trying to juggle life and constantly work out how to be the best you? Tired of seeing your children struggle, and not know how to help?

Well, you are not alone!…. And it’s time to stop feeling as though you are helpless and trapped in your body.

In our fast-paced society, our stressful lives are bringing down our mental well-being, leaving our physical health to suffer. Our eating and lifestyle habits like skipped meals and poor food choice resulting in fatigue, health challenges, weight concerns, are all poorly influencing the generations to follow.

And while we continue to drain our energy, hold onto past life events, and not deal with emotions in a healthy way, our world is getting sicker.

So, as scientific evidence continues to show the link to poor gut health as a primary cause of disease and mental illness, it's time to bridge the gap and wake up our world to wellness with the wisdom of a Certified Nutritional Psychology Coach.

Join Kimberley as she opens your eyes to who we are as emotional beings and gives insight into how we can make a change to better health through taking on board the concept of Eating Psychology and the dynamics of Mind/Body Nutrition.

A must read, Trapped in Your Body: Waking Up our World to Wellness will enable you to make the change to your health and lifestyle so that you can be part of the solution in fixing the chain that stops us from passing our destructive ways on to our children.

Your Forever Home - The Essential Guide before you Start your New Build or Renovation
Frances Cosway

Want the confidence & know how to bring your forever home vision to life? Feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there and don’t know where to start? Want a home that is uniquely yours and a place you absolutely love?

This book is a must read before you embark on your own build or renovation. It will guide you through all you need to know including;

- Things to consider before you build
- How to brief your architect
- What specialists you may need to consider
- Sustainable money saving features
- How to assess and review floor plans
- Understanding electrical plans
- How to choose materials that meet your aesthetic & functionality objectives
- How to stay on budget
- Understanding the 5 building stages
- Making site visits effective

This is an essential and practical guide on how to prepare for building the house of your dreams. A home you will never want to leave.

It's All About You - Money, Business & Life Can Be Easy
Millie Swann

There are lots of experts who write about why we should do certain things to get a result.

Very few are willing to share real strategies that can be implemented to create real change.

Millie Swann has developed practical methods that shift your energy and help you find the clarity & strength to achieve your goals.  This book holds the tools to get you started on that journey.  Her clients have used them to great success - now you can, too!

At this event we will not only show you how to write your own book, but we will also give you the opportunity to significantly grow your networks.
Come along on the day from 10am – 3pm and network with 80 plus business owners as part of the business marketplace. 

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