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5 February | Sydney
Bat and Ball Hotel
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  • Address 495 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016
  • Event Time 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Capacity Just 25 People
  • Each Attendee will also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book "Ultimate 48 Hour Author" as well as a surprise bonus that will be announced on the day.
27 January | MELB
48 Hours Author Headquarters
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  • Address Diamond Creek
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  • Capacity Just 10 People
  • Each Attendee will also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book "Ultimate 48 Hour Author" as well as a surprise bonus that will be announced on the day.
Fri 7th September
Pancake Parlour
550 Doncaster Rd.
100 People Only

Only $30
The Vic Hotel
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  • Address 226 Hay St, Subiaco, WA 6008
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Busybird Publishing Studio
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  • Address 2/118 Para Rd, Montmorency, VIC 3094
  • Event Time 6:30pm - 9:30pm
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2 October
Regal Park Motor Inn
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  • Address 44 Barton Terrace E, North Adelaide, SA 5006
  • Event Time 3pm - 7pm
  • Capacity Just 25 People
Our Ultimate Authors
Same Same But Different - A Soul Approach to Mental Health
Marie Antoinette Helou

Have you ever wondered whether there is more to mental illness than what the medical establishment offers?
Have you ever wondered whether those voices could be real?
Have you had strange phenomena happen to you that made you wonder if you were crazy? 
If you are here, chances are you or someone close to you has been touched by mental health issues; whether you’ve been diagnosed or have had great times of darkness and despair. Maybe you want to live a life of purpose and freedom and just can’t get there. Perhaps you’ve felt crazy because you’ve had unusual experiences in your life – apparently unexplainable ones. Perhaps you have gut feelings, strange occurrences and a pull to learn more about spiritual and esoteric subjects without knowing why. Perhaps you want to learn how to raise and use your intuition, or what your purpose is here on this planet!
We live in exciting times, as the world is experiencing a global shift. Spiritual awakenings and psychic phenomena are becoming increasingly common. The next step in our spiritual evolution is to understand the nature of the soul.

The 12 keys in this book offer a way out of the mainstream medical views to a soul approach, including a shamanic perspective. Filled with stories and teachings from other worlds, and describing the ascension process that affects us all, each chapter is designed to unlock unconscious keys within the heart to allow for a mind expansion and a deeper understanding of the soul aspects of your being. After more than 10 years of research and experience, Marie brings a light-hearted, down-to-earth and humorous multi-dimensional framework to how we view sanity.
Love Versus Lust - Confessions of a Recovering Sex Addict
Cass Lee Jardine

SEX - Even the word can feel taboo.

Say SEX 'Addiction' and we are now on a whole new level.

This is the real and raw story of Love Versus Lust.

From a very young age, Cass craved validation and comfort. It wasn't until she grew older that she realised how it had impacted her life, from the decisions she made to the reality she lived.

Love Versus Lust is a journey of discovery, winding through the twists and turns of her sex addiction that lead her to where she is today. She reveals her secret life, personal stories, and some funny - and scary - situations she found herself in along the way.

It is Cass's hope that others who have walked a similar path can free themselves from the shame and guilt of loving sex and intimacy, and embrace their beautiful life full of human connection. 
Self-Compassionate Motherhood - 3 Ways to get you out of the Shadows into the True Experience
Cindy Cranswick

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by motherhood?
Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster?
Would you like to find ways to bring the joy back into motherhood?

After years of counselling mothers and a recent research project, Cindy Cranswick has written Self-Compassionate Motherhood to expose and normalise the challenges experienced by today's mothers.

Becoming a mother is an emotional and psychological rollercoaster that can be very overwhelming. Unfortunately, in today's society, more and more mothers are experiencing emotional stress, anxiety and depression during the perinatal period. Cindy has written Self-Compassionate Motherhood in the hope of reducing the prevalence of emotional suffering and to help mothers make the most of their own unique experience.

By demonstrating the importance of self-compassion, Self-Compassionate Motherhood helps teach the skills needed to make motherhood a more meaningful experience. It provides solutions to reduce emotional stress and simple steps to help mothers find the joy in motherhood.

I Just Want a Friend
Jackie Lagatta

Salam! My name is Amira. In Arabic this means "Royal Lady" or "Princess"! I live with my dad, little sister Miriam and baby brother Ahmed.

Meet Amira and her friends and learn about their families, their cultures, their physical and mental abilities and disabilities, and more, which make each of them unique and special.

"I Just Want a Friend" is the perfect tool for carers and educators alike to share with young children to help develop an appreciation of the social and cultural diversity within our society. This book encourages children to accept both their peers and themselves with their differences, and to be confident in expressing who they are as an individual.
Shut Up and Write Your First Book - Get Over Yourself
48 Reasons that Stand in Your Way
Natasa Denman

There are two types of First-Time Author wannabe's….
Type 1: Has a little voice in their head that for the past 5-10 years has been saying: you are not good enough, who will ever want to read your book, what if you get criticised, other people have written on this topic before, what if you get stuck with a garage full of books, you need to learn more, know more and be more before you do it… What will others think of me? This is unfortunately 80% of first time authors.
Type 2: Has the confidence but doesn't know where to start, has too much content to share, can't be bothered working all this out themselves, is looking for a quick shortcut to save time and money, knows the value of a book and just wants to get it done - Yesterday! These people are 20% of first time authors.
In this book Natasa Denman unlocks the answers to all of the above and more. She covers the 48 Reasons that are standing in your way to help you Get Over Yourself and finally write that first book… Read it and get on with it!
"It's not about writing your first book, It's about the person your become at the other end of it"  
Natasa Denman
Feel Good Now! - A Single Mum's Guide to going From Surviving to Thriving
Katerina Roukakis

• Has going through a divorce impacted on the way that you live your life today?
• Are you feeling vulnerable, alone and overwhelmed now that your life has changed?
• Do you dream of feeling strong, in control and supported in ways you never thought possible?
In this must read book for modern women going through divorce, Katerina Roukakis uses her experience of having endured the terrifying and complicated process of divorce to help you navigate through the tough times and come out of it not only stronger but thriving!
Katerina has put together a compilation of easy to implement strategies and talks about how to use your relationship breakdown to make changes in your life and to sustain them in order to find love, happiness and fulfilment.
Challenge the status quo by changing the way you see divorce and the way you think about yourself and your future. Katerina will show you the way so that you can see that anything is possible.

Conquering Crohn's - How to Live Well with an Autoimmune Disease
Tasha Rees

Are you ready to take control of your life and enhance your health?

Oh shit!

Living with Crohn's disease 'Oh shit!' was literally a daily dilemma for Tasha. She found venturing out stressful: not knowing where the next public toilet was located or even if she would make it to the toilet.

Tasha has lived with Crohn's disease nearly twenty years, and for many of them, she has suffered from pain, fatigue, fever, diarrhoea, malnutrition, and weight loss. She lost her health, dignity and self-esteem

Tasha has now made it her life's mission to research and create strategies to reclaim her health and live well with an autoimmune disease.

She is not currently taking any medication and generally lives pain and almost symptom-free.

Conquering Crohn's provides simple strategies so that you too, may live well with your autoimmune disease.

By committing yourself, you can make small yet significant changes to take control of your life and reclaim your health.

The Easy guide to Unbreakable Relationships for Self, Lovers and Others
Natalie Turvey

Relationships aren’t easy.

Never have been, never will be, but in today’s world, with society operating at a frenetic pace, many of us are losing the ability to connect with others and ourselves.

Very soon there will be a tipping point, and relationships, as we know them will look vastly different and we need new tools to navigate them.

Natalie Turvey has delivered a ground-breaking and thought-provoking book for anyone who has ever felt resentful or unappreciated within ANY relationship whether it be work, intimate, friendship or even with strangers! 

This quick and easy proven system will work with anyone, regardless of age or gender as you will learn how to take control of what you have control of, yourself!

You will first get to understand why it is important to have healthy relations and then learn the easy steps to create them in abundance around you. 

This must-read book will teach you HOW to transform any relationship by understanding and implementing a few simple strategies the Natalie uses with her own clients.

The time for Unbreakable Relationships is NOW.

Juggling Health & Wealth - How to Keep All Your Balls in the Air Successfully
Kitty Cheng

Have you always wanted to be healthy and wealthy but didn’t know how to start or have both? Are you successful but too busy to enjoy life? Or perhaps you feel an imbalance in your life, or tired, isolated, and even burned out?
Health Coach, Transformation Facilitator and Internet Entrepreneur Kitty Cheng believes these can all change – if you’re ready and willing to find out how to juggle health and wealth.

In Juggling Health and Wealth, Kitty explores the five dimensions of health and the five pillars of wealth, which will help you keep all the balls in the air successfully, whether you are a busy entrepreneur, stay-at-home husband or wife, or a professional working in the corporate world.

Read the solutions, strategies and secrets you need to follow, and apply them to your life priorities. You will find the tools, techniques and resources to live an abundant, active, fulfilled, happy and connected life in the pages of Juggling Health and Wealth.

The Controlled Strength Method - Fast track to getting upside down and moving efficiently through space 
Shimi Nadaraja

Have you been trying to perform inversions and arm balances for a while but to no avail? Do you constantly find yourself scrolling down your social media feed watching yogis all over the world flowing effortlessly on their hands and yearn to do the same? Maybe you just see it as something so far-fetched with regards to your practice and keep telling yourself "that will never be me"?
Inversions and arm balances are very much about foundational techniques - techniques that are not widely taught these days. The Controlled Strength method breaks down these techniques into stages to help you understand your bodily movements better to eventually take flight. It utilises carefully structured techniques to build strength, flexibility and endurance - elements that are pivotal to moving graciously upside down.
Having experienced the struggles of gaining control over the inverted body - with no prior experience in movement-based training (dance, gymnastics, martial arts etc.), Shimi Nadaraja knows inversions and arm balances require spot-on guidance. That is why, in this book, Shimi reveals the techniques that have helped various clients of different practice levels progress rapidly (and safely), most often within the matter of months.
The Controlled Strength Method: Book 1 aims to take your practice to the next level by providing you with the tools to understand the capabilities of your body. That too, in progressive stages - allowing the incorporation of specific techniques to eventually find lightness through movement in space.

At this event we will not only show you how to write your own book, but we will also give you the opportunity to significantly grow your networks.
Come along on the day from 10am – 3pm and network with 80 plus business owners as part of the business marketplace. 

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