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5 February | Sydney
Bat and Ball Hotel
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27 January | MELB
48 Hours Author Headquarters
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  • Each Attendee will also receive a FREE paperback copy of my book "Ultimate 48 Hour Author" as well as a surprise bonus that will be announced on the day.
Fri 8th March
The Sporting Globe
288 Bridge Rd. Richmond VIC 3121
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The Vic Hotel
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Busybird Publishing Studio
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2 October
Regal Park Motor Inn
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Our Ultimate Authors
Colour Outside the Lines
Bernie Goulding

Australia seems to be a wonderful example of successful multiculturism. So why do 20% of Australians still regularly experience racism, including physical assaults? What about biracial children? If they are half Australian and live here, that makes them Aussies, right?

Fiji sang the ‘we are the way the world should be’ advertisement before the 2000 political coup. Can we learn from our Pacific Island neighbours who too have their own race issues? How can we support people of colour who feel they are forced to ‘play the game and put their armour on’ if they want to succeed in Western (predominantly white) society, including Australia?

Bernie Goulding shares her lived experience in growing up in Australia and living in Fiji. She offers great insight into what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a two tribe (biracial) child often caught between two cultures and how she developed the five senses needed to thrive in both. Bernie’s story may just be the key to unlocking the matrix of colour and cultural understanding for people struggling to fit in at school, work and in the community in which they live.

Do yourself a favour: start reading!

2 Ways - It's Always About You, It's Never About You
Rita Ronson

Unhappy with your relationships and the way you feel? Have you had enough pain and confusion? Are you tired of constantly feeling frustrated, angry or depressed because they just don’t get you? And you most certainly don’t get them?
You may be asking, ‘What’s the point?’

Nothing works; you’ve tried everything. You need to walk away: certain people just drive you crazy. 

The book you are holding in your hands will give you the light bulb moments you need that are eluding you right now.  

Step-by-step, you will gain clarity and insight into your current relationship patterns, while learning new and simple strategies to transform the everyday problems and long-term issues you have in your relationships.

Rita will help you to finally understand yourself in your relationships and the truth of the complexities of other people. You will be set free to enjoy a happy, harmonious experience and return to love.

You will enjoy the most powerful transformation and relationships you have always wanted.

The time is now!

Not Dead Yet! - Your Smart Guide to World Travel
Margarita Fair

Travel – The Ultimate Experience!
The world is an amazing place, and as much as watching videos and looking at photos can give you a snapshot, nothing can ever beat the experience of travel.
If you are considering expanding your life with travel but have some questions or concerns, this book will reveal the secrets to travelling with confidence.
Learn insider tips on:
• Travelling with friends and family successfully
• How going solo can be awesome
• Inclusive travel advice to make it happen regardless of your level of fitness or challenges
• Proven tips to save money
• Dealing with the unexpected and staying safe
• Where to go and the means to get there
• How to plan and create your trip using available resources.
Author Margarita Fair is an experienced world traveller who has travelled solo and joined others on a range of travel adventures.
Using just about any mode of transport imaginable, she has found her feet in awesome destinations.
Seeking deeper connections with local people and culture, she has also stepped off the tourist trail to spend time in local communities.
“It is not just about seeing new sights; travel is far more than that. It allows you to grow in all sorts of ways. As you encounter new cultures, people and experiences, your appreciation of our commonalities despite differences changes you. Confidence grows when you step away from the familiar.
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t; you can!” - Margarita Fair
Fully Booked Retreats - Your Guide for Explosive Business Growth
Natasa Denman

- Are you exhausted from working one-on-one?
- Do you wish to scale your business through retreats but are scared that you won’t be able to put bums on seats?
- How would you feel knowing you had changed someone’s life?

Retreats are the ultimate experience for a client. They are often defining moments in a person’s lifetime. For the retreat leader, they are one of the most rewarding programs you can run. Most will quit as they fail to build a system of consistently filling them and promoting them.

Natasa Denman has hosted high-end retreats for the past five years and has mastered the art of filling them while enjoying the lifestyle business model with her family. Dig into her wisdom and strategies, and avoid the mistakes she made so you don’t have to.

"Turn your information into implementation which leads to transformation!"

Natasa Denman
Resilience - Memoir of a Broken Little Girl
Toni Spencer-Lontis

In her debut memoir, Toni talks candidly about her colourful life. This powerful account is an unexpected page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next.

From her early childhood battle with a congenital facial defect, through debilitating battles in school to her traumatic entry into the adult world. It details her struggle with anxiety and depression, low self esteem and a longing for love and happiness.

Being released into the slipstream of the #MeToo movement this gripping memoir details Toni’s own traumatic incidences of assault and openly questions the time in her life when consent and respectful relationships where not talked about.

The book chronicles her battle to get justice for her family in the wake of her daughter’s abuse disclosure and her personal battle to help, heal and free her daughter from the impacts of that abuse.

Toni’s writing displays a vulnerability and truthfulness that is as courageous as it is inspirational. It’s a powerful testament of her strength and resilience, showing all of us that peace and happiness is obtainable, no matter how our lives unfold.

Midlife Mojo - You're 50 Cut the Crap  
12 Easy Ways to Maintain your Healthy MidLife Weight 
Wendy Trevarthen

Are you battling to maintain your healthy weight after 50? 

You know- the weight that you worked so hard to shake during your thirties and forties?

Things seem to be getting harder, and the things you tried in the past just don’t work.

You don’t need to dread the MidLife years – indeed, they can be approached with renewed vigour and zest. With some clear direction and education on all aspects of lifestyle, this time of life need not be feared.

In this book, Wendy Trevarthen shares her insights to easy, no fad, cost efficient ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle that is full of variety. Offering practical, down-to-earth strategies that involve the whole family, this book will help you happily maintain your healthy weight and approach the years ahead full of optimism.

With and extensive career in the professional health and wellness industry in private, public and community settings, Wendy has the knowledge and personal experience to inform and educate you to make what seems like a daunting task so much easier.

Change your direction, make healthy decisions and ‘cut the crap’ to enjoy your unique MidLife Years! 

Game Changer - The 4 Visual Models You Need for Clarity, Clients & Cash
Renée Hasseldine

In this much anticipated book, Renée shares her passion for extracting your knowledge, expertise and brilliance and turning it into 4 clear and succinct pictures. If a picture tells a thousand words, the 4 visual models Renée teaches will sell a thousand products and beyond. If you want to earn more, work less and have more fun in your business, then creating a Signature System using visual models is the game changer that will get you there faster.

In this book, you will discover:

See real life models in use and the impact they’ve had on each business with in-depth case studies and examples. They’re more than inspirational, getting the same (or better!) results with your own unique models is 100% attainable.

Having a single visual model is great, having a complete system that works to take leads from strangers to clients is even better. Clarity, sales and recognition are only the beginning!

Even if right now you don’t know which shapes to use, how to create images with impact and the task of clarifying your ideas into visual models feels overwhelming, you’ll have total confidence to get started.

No matter how new to business you are, whether you’ve been at it for years, or if you simply need a little clarity, your Signature System creates opportunities to simplify, scale and speed up. You’ll discover multiple ways to leverage your models, with case studies to inspire and motivate.

Renée Hasseldine is the founder of Share Your Passion and she is unequivocally passionate about experts and thought leaders creating their Signature Systems using visual models, so that they can earn more, work less and have more fun. When it comes to extracting knowledge, skills, and experience out of thought leaders’ head and turning it into pictures, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into visual models is sheer brilliance. This is the core of Share Your Passion, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world. Renée is the best-selling author of Share Your Passion and host of the Leveraged & Loving It Podcast.

Frou Frou to Fruition - Turn Your Passion for Dance into a Thriving Business 
Kym Degenhart

Have you always wanted to pursue DANCE as a career?

Ever been told to ‘Get a real job’ or asked, ‘What would you know, you’re just a dancer?

Are you turned off by the ‘poor starving artist’ stereotype?

Finding your feet in the dance industry can seem daunting, but if you are passionate about dance, there are so many ways to pursue successful, long-term careers that will bring you profit and prosperity.

In Frou Frou to Fruition, Kym Degenhart shares her experiences as a professional dancer, dance teacher and dance studio owner, to deliver insider tips to help those who LOVE to dance find success in the dance industry.

Whether you are a pre-professional dancer looking towards a performance career; a passionate teacher wishing to improve pedagogy; a studio owner wanting to create a thriving business; or transitioning from one of these careers to another – Frou Frou to Fruition delves deep into many of the challenges, providing actionable steps to success.

Now is the time to positively influence the next generation of dancers. Take action to build the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s dance!

Crappy vs Happy - Your Guide & Toolbox for Authentic Sustainable Happiness 

Do you want a life filled with more ‘happy’ and less ‘crappy’? Do you crave a life of authentic sustainable happiness?

Do you feel out of control not having enough time for yourself, or feel stuck in day to day routines that just aren’t working?

All of that can change for you.

In Crappy Vs Happy, Chrissy guides you on an intimate journey, empowering you to create infinite shifts and powerfully transform your life.

Chrissy is the successful business owner of Happy Healing Meditation Centre in South Australia, and a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy. Chrissy has a clear understanding of the most common blocks that hold people back from happiness and success and she is here to help you too.

Crappy Vs Happy is packed with useful information, from explaining the importance of your tribe, to the functions of your energy centres, to how to use your body as a barometer and trust your intuition. You will learn practical tools to create the life story you want to live in.
It’s time to take effective action in the direction of your dreams.

Journey Into Dreamtime 
Munya Andrews

This book invites you to step into the magical world of Aboriginal Dreamtime and to share in the world's oldest living culture - its ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Inside are Dreamtime concepts that everyone can understand.

Find out why the Rainbow Snake is called by that name and why it is deeply revered. What special role does it play in traditional healing? What are sacred sites and how do they empower you? What does it mean to have kangaroo or possum Dreaming? How can you discover your 'Dreaming' and what it can teach you? How does Dreaming help you cope with and master life? What are Dreaming Eyes and Dreaming Ears? What are Sorry Rocks?

Come on a journey with Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya as she guides you in discovering your purpose in life and how to walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Learn what it means to truly belong and be family to everyone and everything.

Awaken to Transfromation - 90 days from stress and Sadness to Health and Happiness
Andrea Gabriel

Awaken to Transformation has been a long time in the making. It’s finally alive! My aim with this book is to help many people come to a place where they can be in their truth. To love, honour and cherish themselves and every experience as an opportunity for growth, enabling an awareness of who they really are. No illusions.

In her first published book, Andrea Gabriel shows a maturity and honesty often not found until much later in a literary career.

This book is a user guide for life - covering body, mind and soul. Andrea provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-read walk through the many sides of what makes us human, and intersperses the information delivery with personal and often rawly confronting anecdotes from her personal life experience. These personal examples bring the technical information to life, and set this book apart from the thousands of others in this genre.

Covering practical aspects such as diet, exercise and organisation, as well as more esoteric concepts like chakras and the 10 bodies; this guide is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to get an advantage in today's manic world.

This is a book you will read, and then re-read many times; each time, uncovering more hidden gems.

Chris Holman

Mika and Elizabeth's Denair Adventure
Mika Denman

Mika and Elizabeth's families decide to go on a holiday to Queensland. What they didn't anticipate was the turn of events on their airplane trip.

Fearless Fempreneur - Shortcuts to a Million Dollar Product Business
Sarah J. Cross

Are you ready to scale your business by getting into your favourite stockist?

Do you wish to scale your product sales?

Imagine the feeling of seeing your gorgeous products being stock in major airports and national retailers.

It’s all possible and I can show you how.

Creating the business of your dreams, is one of the most defining and rewarding step in a person’s lifetime.

Many who have product businesses will quit before they build a system that will consistently build recurring monthly income.

At 24, Sarah started at her kitchen table and grew her own corporate gift hamper service into a nationally recognized, million-dollar business. Her first Christmas season she went from landing a $30,000 order and wrapping every package by hand herself, to growing her company annual sales of $1.5M per year and being a finalist twice for the Telstra Business Women’s Award.

In the Fearless Fempreneur, Sarah shares her strategies and insights to inspire you to own your business direction, step up and live fearlessly in your life. Get ready to follow your passion and do things you never dreamed of doing.

At this event we will not only show you how to write your own book, but we will also give you the opportunity to significantly grow your networks.
Come along on the day from 10am – 3pm and network with 80 plus business owners as part of the business marketplace. 

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