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Have You Always Dreamt of Writing a Book?
Writing a book is on many people's 'bucket list' - sadly most of them will never achieve that big dream
Most people simply don't know where to start? The content, the structure, the publishing, the list goes on and on...

Many see it as this gigantic mountain of a project to complete and that’s always being put in the ‘too hard’ basket leaving them feeling unfulfilled that their message won't be shared with the world.  

It doesn’t have to be that way. Ultimate 48 Hour Author has made writing books simple, fast, and super rewarding.
In this Blueprint you will learn...
  • Why most people that want to write a book never do and how you can avoid the same disappointment
  • Why now is the perfect time to write your book and what advantages it can give you
  • The critical questions you must ask yourself before you start writing your book
  • How to layout the chapters of your book in a way that will appeal to your audience and have readers eager to read the next chapter.
  • How to leverage your book to position yourself as an expert in your field and skyrocket your business
Overcome your self-doubt, fears, and procrastination with ease by understanding how to eliminate them with ease! 
Use the exact blueprint that more than 350 first-time authors have used in more than 12 countries around the world to write, publish and leverage their first book
Ultimate 48 Hour Author is the first choice for leading entrepreneurs, practitioners, and business owners 
About Natasa Denman
Ultimate 48 Hour Author - It's never been this simple!
Natasa Denman is the Ultimate 48 Hour Author. After publishing her 10th book late in 2018 she now mentors entrepreneurs and business owners to become published authors and become the authority leader in their field around the world.

With her Brilliant Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint enabling coaches, speakers, practitioners, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs to get their book completed within just 48 Hours, her program is highly sort after by those who are looking to influence their market and explode their credibility and standing.

As a highly skilled business coach and mentor as well as a CSP accredited speaker, Natasa knows that writing your book is only just the beginning and utilises her marketing and publicity knowledge to make sure that all of her authors get the results they are looking for with a strategic business plan which outlines the step by step process that needs to be followed.

If you are serious about finally writing and publishing your first book, The Ultimate 48 Hour Blueprint is the first choice for business owners looking for the competitive edge.
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